Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tub Time Giggles!

These two kiddos were having a ball in the tub! Abbies laugh can make anyone smile- even the meanest scrooge alive! Enjoy this little video!

Abby loves the bath! A while back we discovered that she is really good at trying to balance things on her head! And no matter what it is, when it falls, she laughs herself silly! It is adorable!

In January we had a new niece join our ranks! This is Britta, Pheobe (Amber's sister)& Cameron's new baby girl! Isn't she a doll?

Britta and her big sister Maddy.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Pilot Man!

Dave got an RC airplane for Christmas and we went to the park by our house to fly it. Dave was an awesome first time pilot! I would've crashed that thing to pieces for sure! Abby loved to watch-she thought it was a bird!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy New Year from Omers!

Happy New Year from the Omers!

This last year has seen quite a few important changes for our family. The biggest of these is the addition of Abigail JoLinda Omer! Since she was born in February, this little angel has been nothing but a joy to us. She smiles constantly, jabbers incessantly, and is just darn adorable. And we're the happiest parents ever!

Amber has loved the stay-at-home Mom job this year, and has enjoyed improving the home (take a look at that paint job!), working on crafts, and raising Abby. Dave's been busy at work with Raytheon and has also enjoyed working to improve the yard (see patio pics below). Both of us have been busy with church callings; Dave's working in Young Men with the Teachers, and Amber's the music Chairperson.

Life is good, and the Lord has blessed us this last year. We've been able to travel a bit to see family and spend time with those we love both near and far. What else could we ask for? You guys are the best! We wish you all the peace of our Savior in your lives and all the happiness that He offers!

So. . . I guess these little year-summary letters/blogs get longer as you have more kids? Man, compared to last year (graduation, teaching, 1st pregnancy, moving x2, 1st job, etc) this year seemed simple (new kid.)!

New Years Day!

The Wind blew in 2008!

It was SO very windy outside that a bunch of us tried flying kites for a while. I think this is an attempt to fly a home made kite!

Dave and his new Christmas toy!
See the Christmas morning new toy joy in his face? CHEESE! Abby sure knows what to do when there is a camera pointing at her! And isn't that a gorgeous necklace of amber stones? Pheobe got it for Abby for Christmas!

We finally exchanged Christmas sibling gifts! Thanks for everyone willing to wait for us to get back in town!
This is Amber's sister Pheobe & her husband Cameron. Cam had Amber for the gift exchange and Amber had Pheobe! Abby loves all the toys she got for Christmas! Thank you to everyone that got her something!

Pheobe opening her sibling gift from Amber.

Amber's sister Jenny and Maddy our neice!