Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Night

Father & Son...Jedi through and through.  Their dream costumes! :) Abby decided she didn't want to do all the makeup involved with being her star wars character again.  haha!  Can't blame the girl, halloween makeup is the worst!

I remember playing this game at my Grandma and Grandpa Larsen's Halloween party every year when I was a kid.  Loved it!  But our donuts were a bit bigger! :) 
There you go Joe! :) 

Isn't she SOO cute?

Cup Cake walk game.

Love it!  Trunk or treat from the trunk! :)

Dave put on star wars music while the kids trunk or treated. And only got in a couple light sabor fights. :)

Ethan and Abby...good friends loading up on the candy. 

My only shot of all 4 of them! :) On the go...gotta get more and more candy!!! 

Our cute little R2D2.  

Perfect little star wars costume for our round Ellie! :) 

The Earned Goods!!

Abbies First Halloween School Party and Parade

Halloween Party in her Kindergarten class. 

Pin the nose on the jack-o-lantern!

They do a parade around the back of the school.  Here is Mrs. Mormann (Abbies teacher) leading their class!

That girl couldn't stop spinning in her poodle skirt. :)

There's my cute girl! 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Carve de Pump-i-kin

I am SO glad my kids like gutting the pumpkin!  Dave can't stand the texture and gags when he touches it.  So if I had to gutt every pumpkin for the rest of our lives...i'm not sure it would happen at all.  But the kids embrace it and gutt away! :)

Daddy does do most of the knife work though! 

Although sometimes he prefers to use his lightsabor. 

We borrowed star wars costumes from Dave's coworker and I don't think Joey or Dave set the lightsabors down once! haha!

Luke...I am your father! 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween Party at Our House

This year the family/friends halloween party was at our house in Queen Creek!  Some friends lent us some decorations and Jen helped a bunch with invites and decor.  It was fun!   
In Dave's!!  
Jen, Nik, Des and Nik's fam.

Dave and ....Charlie Brown?  Or Sam. my bro. :)  

Friends, the Benson's and their "parents" costume.  Hilarious!

Our favorite witch friend Jenna Singh.  Mwahahahaha!

Who in the mummy is that??  (I seriously don't know. haha!)

Friend and Heath

All our mummies this year. :)

TP bliss!

New game...catch the candy corn in your mouth game.  :() open wide! 

Ya, Sam TROMPED us all on this game! :) 

But we still had lots of fun!  Here is Abby partnering up with Jenna Singh, a good friend of ours. 

When your aunt IS is pretty good! :)

Strome and wifey. :)

Daddy, I mean, Darth Vador....(after he had struck a youngling).  
Just kidding.  But doesn't it look that way? haha!!  (And aren't those cool bat decorations??)
Another dream come true. Lightsabor fight in OUR house!  Joey won! ;0)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Carnival ALA

The American Leadership Academy does a fall carnival every year to earn money for the school.  It was our first year and the kids were so excited to go!  They used some of their tickets to get candy and trinkets right from the start. 

We bought some dinner.....
Ellie being adorable!

Played on their toys....

We even got to dunk Abbies teacher, Mrs. Mormann in the dunk tank! :)

Dave's band was in charge of selling pizza and soda to earn a little money for their band booster, so we made this big ole sign. 

We even got to ride their ponies....(a favorite for sure!)