Friday, October 31, 2008

The Big Night!

Here's our little super girl on Halloween Night!

This was the only shot we could get of her standing still! And she hadn't even consumed any candy yet! Ka-ramba!

I took her up and down our street to trick-or-treat for the first time. We wanted to say hi to neighbors...and hey, like I'm going to let Abby eat all the candy! :) She got the hang of it but was either deathly afraid of or highly distracted by most of the decorations in the yards and at the doors. And we found out that almost ALL of our neighbors have dogs- she enjoyed that part!

It was SOO hard for her not to dig into that candy at every stopping moment! Here she's on a porch and she just had to peek and touch the candy that she couldn't believe was before her eyes...and all hers... or so she thought!

Examining the goods! We couldn't open them fast enough! :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ward Halloween Party

We went to our ward party as Clark Kent, Lois Lane and Super Girl!

Dave even parted his hair and did the curl on his forehead! He looked hot! I'm the Lois before this last new Superman movie....(pregnant...)! :)

Daddy like Daughter!

When Clark met Superman....Wha?

Immediately best buds!

She's got a devilish look on her face (if you can open the full sized pic)...her tongue is curled....she's been eating candy and playing in the balloons endlessly here! And thinking...could life get any better than halloween? lol

Monday, October 27, 2008

"Carven' Punkns"

These are our two pumpkins grown in our garden! Yeah! It was so cool to cut them open and see that they looked like real, store bought pumpkins even on the inside! I don't know, I guess I was afraid they'd be different or fake or something! :) lol

Dave was the Knife Man!

Abby and I were the Spooners & Gutterers!

Abby doesn't really like things that stick to her, but she did pretty well in the long run! She didn't flick too many pumpkin gutts on the floor!
You can see a little of my prego belly here. I am 6 months along! Isn't that crazy?
And sorry, I forgot to take final pictures of the actually carved pumpkins. Duh! I think you'll see one in a picture from halloween night though.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Annual Family Halloween Party!

The Larsen siblings (minus Sadie :( We miss you girl!)

Pheob the tree, Cam the lumberjack
and their little caterpillar!

Heath & Bobby...............and my nerdy daddio!

I didn't get a good shot of Jen & Dawson. :( You'll have to check out her facebook or myspace if you want to see them! They looked excellent!

Although she would not keep her hood up, she sure did make a cute care bear that night!

Sam looked great in his scrubs! He'll make a good Dr. someday!

Let's just say, Abby got mega lucky that there were SOOO many people at this party. She could very easily sneak up to the food table and snatch cookies without me seeing her! What a typical hungry little bear, always looking for the yummies for their tummies!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Silly Abinator!

Yes, this is her stylin hair...styled fresh with her lunch! She just can't resist rubbing her hands through her hair, even when she is eating!
At least she has hair, well, more than she's had so far in her short life. Doesn't she look like she's singing opera in this one? lol

Giddy-Up Mr. Froggy!

Playgrounds are the best! We tried to burn time at the mall playground while Dave was away at his weekend long leadership training classes. We went crazy without him!
I saved the best for last! How many people does it take to feed Abby a blue snowcone?
At least 3! LOL, that is the only reason her shirt is clean! This was at our stake BBQ. I went to talk to someone while a few of our friends watched Abby (& helped her eat her snowcone) and this is what I came back to! HA! What a riot!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pull on the Bottoms!

Okay- here's the story: One morning I had a pile of clothes to wash sitting on the floor and Abby would not leave her little black and white capris alone. She was determined to play with them. I finally gave up trying to tell her that they were dirty, etc, and went to read my scriptures in the other room. She was quietly playing in her room for a while and when I went to check on her she had them on like they were a shirt- an arm in each pant leg! So cute! Then a little while later I called back to see what she was doing and asked her to come out in the front room. She came running out with her pants pulled on like this! WOOOHOO! The first time she's had success putting her own clothes on! :) She's figured out to pull them up, but only in the front. So her little bum side hangs out. I loved it! I let her wear them like this all morning because I was so proud of her figuring it out on her own! My little girl is growing up!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Conference Weekend with Family

Abigail and her cousin Madalyn were found reading together on their little chairs. They had their backs to us for some reason and it was quite a cute sight!

While the men went to the Priesthood session on Saturday night I took the kids to a little park at the end of our street. They played for over an hour just playing make believe, tag and exploring! It was nice and overcast too, so I sat and read. It was wonderful!

River & Abby would race down the slide and giggle!

River and Madalyn (two of Pheobe (my sister) and Cameron's kiddos).

With our umbrella up, the hammock was a heavenly place last Sunday! The kids especially loved it!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Taking Baby Doll for a Walk

Abby was simply adorable taking her baby for a walk!

Enjoy a little clip of her walking down the street. She stopped to point at every butterfly, bug or bird. Needless to say, it wasn't a quick walk, but a much enjoyed walk! :)