Sunday, April 29, 2012

Air Show with Daddy

The airshow was just down the street at the Air Force Base.  We watched some of the planes from a nearby park last year, but this year, Dave really wanted to go on base.  So he took Abby & Joey and went for an adventure!  

It was a little rainy and chilly- but in the kid's and Dave's eyes, that's a PERFECT day for an outing! :)

Joey was in heaven with all the fun planes to touch and climb into!

They had the time of their lives!

Dave might have to get on here and describe some of these planes.  I haven't the slightest about them.  

Abby...excited for free tattoos.  Haha!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Some Random Shots Here and There

Here's the whole fam on April 29th.  So, Elizabeth was 1 month 1 week old.  She already looks like a big girl too.  Crazy! Abby and Joey are both growing so big too.  Love these guys to pieces!

We've seen the signs about the expansion of our zoo for the elephants ever since we moved to Tucson in 2006! So it was a blast to finally get to go and see it!!  It's done and it's awesome!
Dave was interviewing at ALA Charter School up in Gilbert this day and what do you was across the street from the new Gilbert Temple!  It was so awesome to see it going up! This Leadership pledge (above) was in the gymnasium of the school where Dave was interviewing (and later got a job offer I might add) and they let the kids play in there while we waited.  Good day! 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Field Trip to Agua Linda Farm

For Abbies preschool field trip we went to Agua Linda Farm down south of Tucson.  It was a lovely fun day! Thanks to all who made it happen!
After a short intro to what a farm is for and why they are important, we all got on the hay trailer pulled by this awesome green tractor, and we went for a ride to see their farm land.
It was a little windy, but beautiful!  
They dropped us all off in the middle of a field where the kids got to pick Fava beans!  The kids were in HEAVEN!

Abby was a pro! 

I like to think I taught her how to pick stuff! ;)

They even got to go in the hen's house and gather eggs!

This guy was very friendly.  Hehehhe!

Isn't she beautiful?  Even more than these flowers! We had a fun day with our friends!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ellies First Month of Life Montage

Our little Elizabeth Claire has been a complete joy in the house!  She's been smiling since she was a few days old!  She is sweet and precious and we are all so very grateful to have her as part of the family!

Cousin- Desmond is one month older than Ellie.  Isn't he a cutie?

She spent a week of her 8 month belly time in NYC with Mom and Dad!

Look at those cheeks and chin!  

Cute Des and his toes!

Abby and Joey on a walk in Sycamore Park Neighborhood.  Behind them is one of our favorite desert Ocotillo!  Aren't they cool looking?


Holding hands!  :)  They are going to be good friends!

This is cousin- Kingston.  He's 1 month younger than Ellie.  Isn't he sweet?

I can't get enough of this face! :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Festivities

Happy Easter!!
Yay!!  (I have no idea why we were screaming or laughing. Try to imagine.... :)
Eggs with Aunt Jenny & Heather!! 

Mmmm... I mean, fun! ;0)

Aunt Heather holding little Des!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Grandma & Visitor Time

My Mom came down to meet Ellie and help a bunch!  I love having her in town!

The kids love it too!

Two of my sisters were pregnant at the same time as me (Pheobe & Jenny)!  It was a riot!  So this is Elizabeth's cousin Desmond.


It was so fun having family come and visit!

Jen & I with our newest little babies!  

The whole crew.  :)  Look at those little chicken legs! LOL