Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Been Busy

Ok's time to post some pics...A LOT of them!!! Now, these go back to the beginning of May, so you'll have to pass a couple posts you've already seen (our anniversary post & bday post, etc) to get to a bunch of new stuff! I'm sorry i've been such a slacker. I will repent of my ways, not make any promises for the future that I might break, but try and do better!

Love ya!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

Joey's First Baby Food

He liked it...gagged a little at the new texture, but liked it! I just hope it helps him sleep better!

Of course Abby wants to help! She's getting better at it...less stuffing the spoon in and gagging the poor boy!

This is what Joey had to say about Abby feeding him! :D

This is what I say all the time! Ahhh!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Larsen Side Family Pictures

The whole fam...Aren't we SO good lookin? :D It's LONG overdue, and I'm grateful that everyone was willing... I mean, it was JULY... in Arizona! But Sade was in town and I really wanted to do it! So thanks ya'all!
And for those of you wondering who's who...Back: Heather, Sadie, Samuel, Dad (David), Jenny & Dawson, River, Pheobe, Cameron & Britta. Front: Dave, Abigail, Amber & Joey, and Madalyn.

The Larsen Siblings...Heather, Sadie, Sam, Jenny, Pheob & Amber. We sure have all grown up...that's what you're thinking huh? We have...well, but Dad says we're not a grown up until we're older than I guess it's off to Neverland for me! :)
All of us with Daddio!
Heath & Jen...gorgeous, ain't they?
The miracle shot. All the Larsen side cousins together...holding still enough to get a non blurry picture--so 1.5 seconds! woohoo!
I just had to post this one. Poor, poor Joey!

So sweet you think...he is about to start crying! :)

The Omers

For a laugh! :0) I am not doing what it looks like I am doing...can you guess what I REALLY am doing?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Good Laughs with our Abigailinha!

Thumbs up Dude!

This girl is hilarious! She loves to do EVERYTHING that I am doing. And I'm a sucker. :) Don't worry, I haven't let her shave her legs yet. She wanted to put on a bra, so I handed one to her and she rips off her shirt...she's smart! Sorry if you feel this is no longer a 'G' Rated blog. (She's only 2!)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sweet 16 Productions

Joey's instrument!

A bunch of the crew--Pheob & Cam, Heather, Dad & Sade-Birthday Girl! I can't believe my youngest sister is 16!! Wow!

My cute, cool-dude, nephew River.

Britta, Joey's cousin, attacking Him from above!

Just so my family knows, I have all the videos of Madalyn's productions from this party, however I can not get Blogger to upload them. Who knows why, but i've tried about 6 times. I'll have to figure out another way for you all to view them. Sorry.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Watch em Grow

The Sunflower is such a gorgeous one! I love it!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Our One Summer Hike

Mom & Joey are ready....

Dad & Abby...Check! And we're ready to GO!

Dave got a pretty good shot of a cactus wren here.
It was a developed trail, so there were signs about the plant life along the way. Abby was helping us read the letters on this one.
He's getting heavy!

We got clear to the end, the lookout point, and Abby turned to us and with her arms up like in this picture, asked, "Where'd our car go?" It was quite adorable! Just a little beyond what her 2yr old mind could grasp.

A desert hike with a desert lookout....what more can you expect? It was really nice to get out and exercise together as a family, sweat together, and remind ourselves once again why we don't hike in the middle of AZ summers! But we are glad we went. It was a fun adventure! :)