Sunday, February 27, 2011

Snow Day

8:28 a.m.  Once upon a time, it actually snowed in Tucson, AZ.  The children were VERY happy!

Mom went and dug out the buried "Winter" box from the garage and they dressed up warmly to hit the slopes! (In this little clip, watch how this young boy imitates his elder sister almost to the T!)

8:37 a.m. The young girl began to roll and roll the body of the man of snow they would create.

The new 4 year old  looked adorable as she made a large ball of snow.

The young boy was not quite as helpful.  He could not resist sitting on every ball of snow that was created for the man of snow.

But I must admit, he did look rather cute sitting on his thrown of snow. 

Once there was a snowman...



Once there was a snowman

Tall, tall,

The sprinklers made him FALL  :(
(try again....)  Tall! :) 

8:58 a.m   The 2 children were very happy with their man of snow!  

Behind the've gotta watch the whole thing!  So cute!

10:12 a.m.  Daddy came home from his early morning meeting and we introduced him to Chuck.  Poor chuck was already on his way to the land of H2O.  The sprinklers coming on in the making didn't help.

 In the sun he melted!
Then we go to church for ~4 hours (20 minutes driving each direction)

4:48 pm  This is all that remains!  Melted, melted, melted...

Small, small, small!!  The kids couldn't believe he was gone.   Sure was fun while it lasted though!  
Don't worry kids....he'll be back again someday!  

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Putting the Apricot to Work

Abby adores being able to help in the kitchen!  And she insists on using her new 'apricot' every time! [See the post titled "The Spoiled Bday Girl" for more info on the "apricot" story.]

Doesn't it just look fabulous on her?  It fits her perfectly Pheob!  Thank you for taking the time to make it for her!  

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Painting Pro

One of the gifts Abby got for her bday was a Paint your own Jewelry Box!  She LOVED IT!  

This girl could paint for hours!  She asked me one or two questions in the beginning and then, she was just at it!  Making her own creation 100%.  I love watching her be creative.  She has such a bright little mind!

I'll post the final product when I find the picture I took of it!  

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Spoiled Bday Girl

Her Aunt pheobe sent a fun package!  Even the wrapping was adorable!  

It was her very own APRON!  Her and I now have matching aprons!  It is super fun and so cute to cook together!  It was cute, Abby kept calling it her "apricot"!  LOL- she could not remember the word apron! Thank you so much Pheob! We love it!

...back to Jen's house for the party...
Time to rip open the loot!!

I made Abby a framed holder for all her bows and clips...which I also made most of for her bday.

Yay for princess barbies!

One of the surprise presents Dave got was tickets to take an exploring scuba diving class!  He was very surprised and excited!

Aunt Jenny gave some silly and super fun punching bag toys!

It was a great day!  And now I have 2 more of my sweethearts 1 year older and wiser too! :D

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Our February Birthdayers

Our Birthday Girl!  This was on Abbies 4th birthday!  She was SO very proud to be turning 4.  If you click on the picture above or below, you can see the AWESOME banner Jen & Abby made of all the birthday events for the day!  It was a super fun banner!   

Abby chose homemade pizza for her birthday dinner.  So that's what we did!  It was delicious!

The Cake!  

Gotta lick those candles off asap!   :)  That's a birthday necessity!

This is who Abby calls "my Jenny"!  Jen & Dawson took care of Abby and Joey for a few days before Abby's birthday so I could kidnap Dave for his birthday!  We so appreciated that..and we know the kids LOVED getting to spend time with their Aunt Jen!  

His smiles were SO animated for a while!

Ok, time for the traditional birthday game of the Clothes Pin drop game...

Let's see if I can get the video of Joey playing...he had some interesting techniques! :)

Everyone has a blast playing this game.  Abby & Joey especially this year.  It was hilarious just watching them.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Flowers

Dave surprised me with these gorgeous flowers for Valentines Day this year!  That feeling when you open the door and beautiful flowers are smiling at's the best!  Thank you sweetie!  I can't imagine life without you!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

First Hair Cuts

Yes...February 15, 2011...both Abby and Joey received their first haircuts ever!  It was quite the event! I tried to catch some before and after shots...they're not the best, but you can look back and see how long Joey's hair was getting.  It was in his eyes and hung over his ears.  I was nervous to cut it because even though it was long, he didn't have much of it! lol  Plus it is so straight, I knew you were going to be able to see every little snip I made.  Pressure!  :0)  Anyway...I only made one bad snip and people didn't notice until I would point it out...  So not bad for my first time cutting my kids hair eh?  
 Joey's BEFORE....
Yes, watching Toy Story was the only way this haircut was possible! LOL He was GLUED!
 Ta-Da!  Joey AFTER!!  
I think he looks so handsome! 
And as I layered his hair in the back a bit it seemed so much more thick than before. It was gorgeous!
Now for The Abigator....
Abby BEFORE... 
Her hair took 4 years to get this length!  I was sad to cut it, but did it in hopes to help it grow better.  I didn't cut much.
but I did cut some
 Ta-da!  Abby's AFTER pics.  Isn't she beautiful!?

Over all the cuts went well and I felt confident about cutting my kids hair for the next 12-16 yrs of their lives. LOL  I don't know if that confidence will stick around...or if they will LET me cut their hair forever...but i'm enjoying it while I have CONTROL!! :)