Monday, March 17, 2008

Our Senhorita!

Jenny and Dawson got Abigail a little Mexican Girl dress for her birthday last month. Isn't it adorable on her?

A Visit from Grandma Larsen!

We had a wonderful visit with Grandma Larsen this last weekend. She flew down from St. George Utah and stayed a few days with us in Tucson, and a couple days with my Dad in Mesa.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Melanie & Isaac's Visit


Dave's sister, Melanie, and her son Isaac, came down to Tucson to visit us last weekend. We had a fabulous time! Here are a few shots of us at the park.

We decided to go on a little drive and hike up to "A Mountain". (University of Arizona) It had quite the view and gave us some great exercise!

On Monday we went to the Tucson's Desert Museum and learned about the desert's plant and animal life. It was good times!

This was in the hummingbird habitat. The hummingbirds just wiz around you and at you! Abigail was in heaven, pointing at every one she could see!