Sunday, January 25, 2015

Joey Turns 6!

So our Joseph turned 6 this weekend!  Woohooo!  I can't believe it has been 6 years since we came home from the birth center with this little guy in our arms.  He is such a sweetheart! 
But he can sure be a silly kiddo too!  He loves to make people laugh and he LOVES to tell stories! (Just like his dad!)  Joey is very creative and imaginative.  He can create things with legos and have a full story to go along with it, including background details!  We love him with all our heart and are so grateful that Heavenly Father has sent him to our family! 

To start out Joey's birthday weekend, we brought donuts to his kindergarten class and they celebrated there with him!  
His teacher Mrs. Williams is super nice and made him feel very special!

Then the next day was his actual birthday!  We had a movie/pizza family night and he ripped open some very fun presents!  Thanks everyone!

The operation...opening the boxes! :)

Dave and I made him some arrows with a little holders for them to go with his bow and arrow set.  We were so grateful it turned out! :)

Then that Sunday, the day after Joey's big day, we had a family party for him at our house. Dad made a delicious dinner of mashed potatoes and hamburger gravy---Mmmm!  And I can't believe we made it as far as after dinner for Joey to open his presents, but somehow he did.  I sadly didn't get many pictures.  But everyone spoiled him and he loved his presents!  Thank you again!

Then it was Cupcake time!  He requested Chocolate cupcakes with min frosting.  And then he chose the colors of the frosting and the style I used to decorate them.   He had a wonderful birthday filled with lots of love!  
We love our Joey!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Smarty-Pants Abby!

Ta-da!  Abby was on the Principles List for all A's on her report card!  Go girl!!

These are a little blurry, but I thought I would post them anyhow.  A sneak peak at Abby waiting to get called to the stage. 

Mrs. Angeles (her teacher) standing and awarding the kids their achievement papers and Mrs. Poirier (the principal) sitting and giving the kids handshakes as well!

Yay Abby!  She is a wonderful student! Excels in everything she puts her mind to. :) Love that girl!

Abby and Annie...BFF!  

Ellie was such a patient little girl for the assembly!  And she was looking exceptionally pretty! :)