Saturday, July 30, 2011

Utah Time with the Omers

The kids had a blast playing in the water while all the adults visited and played in Mom & Dad Omer's beautiful backyard.  (Abby, Bria, Haven, Isaac & Joey)

One night we did a slide show all together.  Always good laughs!

And of course the cousins had so much fun in G&G Omer's basement!  (Emmalyn, Joey & Abby)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Mill Creek Heaven-ness

One night near the end of the week, we went up the canyon for a fire roasted dinna!  It was so nice to get up in the mountains and enjoy the fresh air.  And everything was so green!  So good for my soul!

The water was ICY! The only worry was keeping the kids from falling in. (Abby was soon changing into pants and long sleeve shirt after this picture.)

Around the fire! (Jenny, friend Mindy, Heath, Maddy & Dawson)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Orton Family Picnic

So my grandma's siblings used to do reunions all the time.  Since many of them have passed on, and people have moved away, they don't do them very often, or at least we don't get to go very often.  A good core of them live in North Ogden and they own some beautiful land that we love to visit.  Isn't it gorgeous? All green and huge trees.  Love it! 

My sisters and I.  Aren't they gorgeous?  I love them so much!  
(this was also the moment I told them I was pregnant. Instead of "everyone say CHEESE" when we were posing for the camera, I said, "everyone say Amber's pregnant!"  It was awesome!

All of us! :)  

With Mom.

Grandma with her 2 sister in laws...I think.  I'm pretty positive.

Mom & Heath. Beautiful.

Cute Britta!

Aunt Chris, Julie & Uncle Craig.

I love this pic.


Cute Joey...of course he found a stick.  :)

Everyone everyone!

Isn't this the best picture ever?  This is my Mom, her mom and her 2 sisters.  They are wonderful!

FARRs Ice cream....So scrumptious!  It's pretty much tradition to go get ice cream from the Farr ice cream shop there in Ogden whenever we are there.  It was so much fun to go with all my mom's family...they all appreciated the tradition just as much as we did!  Loved it! Great way to end our reunion of service together! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Final Touches on Grams Kitchen Makeover

Jen, Daws & Heather went all out and decided to re-do Grandma's bathroom floor & sink!  It now looks amazing and new!  

Here's the best I got of the final product...lame I know.  Still trying to get my hands on a final pic.  But as you can see, they rebuilt the wall and put in all new cupboards and the appliances back.  We got grams an 'above the stove' Floor!  And a few weeks later, Greg put new carpet in the living room and hall!  So she is just SET!!!  
(found 1 more pic that shows the stars of the show!)

We owe so much of the credit and hard work to my Aunt Julie, Uncle Craig, Aunt Chris, Uncle Kent and my Mom who did most of the work and all of the organizing!  They are amazing to me.  They love their Mom so much and do so much to serve her and show her they love her.  Thank you all for your wonderful examples.  I love you all!

To celebrate and take a night off, we had a swim party at my mom's apartment club house.  We had a big dinner and just played and relaxed.  

Monday, July 25, 2011

Sa' More Reunion Workins

Amidst all the work we took a few pics of the Larsen clan... I think these are great pics of us!
Man, we're hot!

Omer & Alverson cousins!

Working on the cabinets.  Aunt Julie & Uncle Craig did SOOO much of the work.  They are my heroes!

Lookin go--oood!

Popsicle break!  Britta looks a little bit wicked.  LoL

Aunt Julie & Chris bought some fun water toys for the kids to enjoy.  So nice of them!  (Do you see the floating ball?)

They were seriously all giggles for hours!

Aunt Chris will soon have her first grand baby!  She is going to be such a wonderful grandma!

Dave and Greg did the flooring.  It looked awesome!  (Joey helped give commands).

Abby & Jenny made a starburst bracelet. Abs was in heaven!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Grams Kitchen: the Before & Beginnings

For our Sorensen/Wright family reunion this year, we all met in SLC, UT and remodeled my Grandma Sorensen's kitchen!  It was quite the event!  In fact it was wonderful!  So much work organizing and planning went in by my Mom and her 2 sisters out in Colorado.  None of this would've happened without them! 

 Here are the BEFORE pictures of the  kitchen and some beginning work that had to be done before anything new went in:
The BEFORE Metal cabinets, yellow single sink, ancient counter top...

Ba-bye sink!

Sam even got to come up for a few days!  Yay!  

Here is my sweet Grandma Sorensen.  I love her so much!  I lived with her the summer of 1998 between school years at Snow College. What a fun summer!

We had to scrape up all the old linoleum off the floors.  (YUG!)  It was no picnic, but everyone could help on this part, so that made it more fun!

Heather was a champ worker!  She sanded the patched ceiling where they had torn down a wall earlier that year.  I love my sisters! 

Here's the new wall!  We tried to figure out a way to keep it a large open space w/ no wall...but with the small size of the room, we had to have a wall to put appliances against.  It was amazing to watch my aunts & uncles put it up.  They were amazing!

Joey took one mini nap on the grass.  Wish he'd taken more! :)


My adorable niece, Britta, and my awesome Uncle Kent.  Many of these pictures of the remodeling were taken by him.  All the really good ones! :)