Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Phoenix Zoo Time

We decided it was time for a family adventure!  We had been planning on one for a while and finally got a chance!  Off to the Phoenix Zoo!  

This place is huge! And the kids were ecstatic to go explore!
The kids loved the squirrel monkeys where you could walk right into their abode and get some close up shots!

The two goofballs! :)  Love-love-love them!

Playing on the tractors sunk into the ground...who woulda thought...these got way more attention than I thought they would! The kids played on them for quite a while.

Mr. Joey the turtle! 


The coolest picture posing statues ever!  

Oddly enough, this was a favorite! His back was pointed like a mountain range. Haha!

Our little Joey's.

Our real little Joey in a joey.  :)

One of the highlights of the day....a friend gave us some free tickets to the sting ray pool where you get to pet the sting rays as they swim around and around.  Way cooler than I thought it was going to be.
It was super cool and fun....until Ellie, Hannah and I got completely splashed and drenched by a few sting rays!  I mean- SOPPING-in the MOUTH wet!  It was disgusting! Yet in it's own way, super memorable!  That place was packed...and who are the THREE people that get drenched?  Me and my 2 very tired babies!  Haha!  Oh well!  Even though I was dry heaving for a while, we will never forget that experience! Here we are below- dripping wet! :)

Aren't they just adorable??  My kids could live at the zoo.  No, they really do fit right in! Haha!

I love this capture Dave got! Abby got a camera for Christmas and they love posing for each other! :) I love it when I see moments like these. Makes me completely forget the hard times. 

Such a cutie...wearing his carefully chosen- for the zoo- tiger shirt! :)


Here we all are!  What a nice elephant to let us pose on him.  We'll have to send him a thank you card! :)  What a great day!  We had so much fun!  We didn't quite cover EVERYTHING at this enormous zoo, but we got kinda close.  These family adventures bring us together and create memories that we will have for always!  I'm so grateful we could  go. I love my family!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Grandma Love

Grandma sent us a fun box of presents and treasures and the kids were ecstatic!  She made these adorable hats!  I mean- check out these smiles! It was so fun!  She also made Joey some eye masks (like super hero style)!  They are way cool!  I need to get some pictures.  

The girls just glow in them in the sun!

My little flapper girl!

My cuties!

My Mom also made a couple adorable headbands for Hannah!  Thank you Mom!! We love you!