Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Swimsuit Model Baby!

Thank you Mom, for the adorable new swim suit for Abby! I love it on her!

We were over at our friends, the Perrines, house and the kids got to swim! They loved it! It was the perfect day for it too!

Abigail's Piano Lessons

Normally we sit down with Abby and let her play the piano every day. Sometimes she'll immitate us playing and loves it if we sing. But yesterday I tried sitting her down on the bench by herself and she LOVED it! She sat and played for at least 15 minutes instead of her normal 1-2 minutes! It was great! Granted, she did start pushing other buttons...but she was sitting at the piano, "practicing" by her big self! I caught a little video of it. It's about 1.5 minutes long- not too exciting- but cute! I love watching her legs swing as she dances to the background music! :)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Bathing Towel

I went to grab something from the other room and when I came back she had pulled the huge towel in with her! :) It almost made made me jump when I walked in to see all the dark color in tub! That little rascal!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Utah Fun!

We had a wonderful time in Utah this last weekend for Matt & Heather's wedding! (Dave's brother) Thank you to everyone for your kindness and hospitality (ie. letting us sleep in your homes, babysitting for us, driving us places, lending us your cars, feeding us and spending time with us and on and on! You are all amazing! Thank you!

The Omers wedding dinner was a blast! We even got to hear the 5 O's sing (that's Dad Omer and his 4 sons)! I could listen to them sing every day!

Here are the Omer siblings and spouses in the SLC temple gardens waiting for Matt & Heather to come zooming out to greet us all! From left to right: Us, Dan & Roz, Tom & Amy, Melanie & Mike, and the 2 youngest Katie & Jenny)


And here they are...gorgeous & glowing as ever!

All the Omers at their reception! Can you find us?


Here are all the grandkids on Dave's side. Left to Right: Adam who belongs to Dan & Roz, Allison (Tom & Amies), Bria & Isaac (Melanie & Mike's), Jacob holding Gideon (T & A's), and then our little Abigail.


This is the first time Abby has been ok with me swinging her. Yeah! I think the delay is because we don't own a baby swing, so the sensation was a little scary for her. My fault. She enjoys it now.


I caught a pretty good nose shot! (lol) I hope this makes you all laugh!


I had to post one more shot of this park...isn't it just unique and simply RAD? Thank you Emily for introducing it to us! It is a little harder to keep track of your kids because it's so big and not "see through" like the typical parks where you can just sit in one spot and see them constantly. But the kids LOVED it and played until they were exhausted!


LETS GO TO THE ZOO! We had an army of people go to Hogel Zoo saturday morning, and it was already packed! But we had good times as you can see below...

This monkey was adorable! It would sit on a branch right along the window and just look right at Abby. She loved it!


Omer cousins at the zoo.


Abigail discovered that she absolutely LOVES juice boxes!


4 Generations- Abby, Me, Grandma Sorensen & my mom, Kathy. I loved hanging out with them!


Abby was wide awake when we left the zoo. But before we could get to the end of the parking lot, I looked down, and she was dead out on the front of her stroller! It was so cute!


Saturday, May 3, 2008

San Diego Fun!

We are in love with San Diego...but who isn't eh? Dave's best friend from high school, Ben (see picture below), was getting married in the San Diego temple (see picture above) and we got to go out and be there! It was a beautiful sealing and they seem great for each other!

Ben & Luana Parks!

Ben and Dave did drama together in high school...improv stuff as well as musicals...they are such goofs!

Abby wanted so much to be able to get up this ledge where everyone was at. She got stuck half way, then was stuck at 3/4 the way (see below), but finally made it all the way! :)

On the drive out to SD we stopped at a tiny town to let Abby get out and run around a bit. We found this little school playground and Abby discovered that she LOVES the slide! You can see her stages of progress in the pictures below! :)

Pushing the stroller or the grocery cart is on Abbies list of favorites as well...this is just walking along the San Diego bay area one night. She would stop every 4 steps though to take a drink out of the black straw cup in the basket....we figured she was fueling up! :)

In Balboa park they have a huge outdoor pipe organ where they do free concerts every Sunday afternoon. It was awesome!

Abigail had her first experience swimming at our hotel pool. It was a bit chilly, and it took her a while to warm up to the idea, but she ended up having a blast!