Saturday, June 26, 2010

King for the Day

Happy Father's Day to Dave!  

Dave was at Scout Camp on Father's Day this year.  So we celebrated a different day and tried to spoil him good!  Dave is the most incredible father!  I seriously could not have chosen anyone better!  The kids love him beyond words.  They practically do flips when he walks in from work during the week.  Thank you Dave, for being such an amazing example to me in good parenting and making us a priority in your life.  I love you!

Abby had so much fun making her fish tank favors for her gift for her daddy.  Things like "play a game with Abby", "10 hugs from Abby", "look at the stars with Abby", etc.  

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Swimmin' with Aunt Jen

Aunt Jenny took us to a super fun pool to go swimming!  Look at what the huge blue bucket (at the top of the picture) does...see below.

Fun huh?  

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mom's Visit

We flew Mom down for her Mother's Day gift, so a bunch of the fam came down to Tucson for the weekend.  This is my bro, Sam.  It was so much fun having everyone down to play!

Jen brought a slip-and slide and the kids just had the time of their lives!  The water was actually pretty cold.  June in Tucson and it felt cold!  It was a miracle!  

Slippen' and a Sliden'!  

Funny, my mom's visit down here and I didn't get a single picture of my MOM!!  I need to get better at my picture taking.