Thursday, June 26, 2008

Helping Out Back!

Such a good helper!

Taking a break for Patti-Cakes!

Gimmie a hug!

Dave has been working out back on the retaining wall whenever he can (without getting heatstroke). He has the wall done now (woohooo!), but we're still working on filling it. So watch for more pictures soon!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tub Queen!

The wet Mohawk look! This is her true 'cheese'!

The wicked look! Check out that fake scowl!

Our attempt at a Unicorn! :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Made at the Omer Residence!

Well, here's the latest look at our 2nd garden bed that has watermelon, pumpkin and zucchini in it. They have made themselves right at home!

Here are a few items that are being eaten! :) And some friends and neighbors! Ok, and some friendly bugs occasionally! :) (Sorry if you are tired of the garden stuff...I just get so excited and want to share with everyone!)


Green peppers!


Crookneck Squash!

And cucumbers!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Birthday Surprise!

When I woke up the day of my birthday, Dave took me out back to a wonderful birthday surprise- He got me a stand for our hammock & umbrella and had them all set up with a bow on them even! He is such a sweetheart! Thank you! I love you Dave!

It is going to look fabulous when the whole back yard is complete!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Garden Update!

Here's the latest picture of our main garden. It has gone jungle! It's so much fun! Abigail has only picked a few green tomatoes so far. But man, those red ones are scrumptious! We let Abby help pick the red ones and she pops those puppies in her mouth faster than lightening! :) We've recently built a little shade cloth cover to help protect the plants from our scorching sun. They seem to really appreciate the shade!

This is the 2nd garden bed that seemed empty for a while. I planted these ones from seed. It is SO exciting to watch little seedlings come up out the soil! And then they grow like monsters! The back row are watermelon plants. I had to thin them out yesterday, so I left two good strong ones. The middle plant is our pumpkin plant. All three of these plants have more than doubled in size since I took these pictures 5 days ago. They grow nearly 6" a night these days! It's crazy! And the front row are zucchini of course- they are easy growers. They are getting huge! We will have plenty to share with our family and neighbors I'm sure! All 3 of these plant types are suppose to vine and get pretty big. So they'll most likely spill over the edges of the planter. We'll see!

This is one of our artichoke plants. I found out they are a perennial (meaning they come back every year) and that they usually do not give artichokes the first year. :( Bumma!

And here is our crookneck squash plant. I had no idea how much space these puppies take! Each leaf is bigger than my head! There are lots of little squash under there- it's fun to watch them form from the huge yellow flowers!