Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What's Up Doc?

Just a little carrot happy! :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Camping With the Omer Clan

Joey was our little Happy Camper! He LOVED running around in the wild with no walls to contain him getting as dirty as he possibly could. Now sleeping in a tent, in the cold was a whole different story!

We attempted swimming, but the water was too low at the lake, so we came back and read some fun books grandma had brought with her.

Saturday we all went on a hike together. It wasn't too long for adult legs, but may have pushed our kiddos a little further than they could take. It was good exercise and gorgeous scenery for sure!
I mean, check this out! Amazing! And oh how we enjoyed the shade of this crevice!

Taking a break! Adam, Tom, Gideon, Bria, Jacob, Grandma Omer, Isaac & Abby.
Us. :D

Daddy & Son.

Ah, my mismatching sweet daughter. :) Orange shirt, pink hat and blue & white striped purse! Gotta love it!

The hidden Joe-ster. He was SO good on this hike. He was just content as ever to be carried through a desert wonderland hike!

The dessert was in bloom...it was quite a site!

Petroglyphs with the Omer Clan

While we were camping in the Valley of Fire, NV with the Omer clan we hiked the long staircases up to the Petroglyphs right around the corner from our campground...

Here is Aunt Amy, Allison & Gideon taking a look at the actual petroglyphs. They were really neat to see!

Then all the way down we went. :)

Some snapshots of wildlife we saw.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Pima County Fair 2010

We like to go to the county fair when we have a good coupon! :) The kids loved watching the shows this time. We saw a shark show and a monkey show.

I think this carousel ride was the highlight of Abbies life up to this point! I wanted to get her ready and excited for Disneyland this summer, so we let the kids go on a ride or two. This is pretty much THE favorite (see video clip).

The petting zoo was pure madness! There were SOO many kids and animals I could barely keep track of Abby and Joey to make sure they weren't getting eaten!

Joey kept trying to enjoy himself...but nope, this was his face almost the entire time! He didn't want to leave though. Poor confused boy.

Dave and Abby went on this fun huge slide!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Here's my first flower bed. :) It finally started growing, and then the white daisies kept growing and kinda took over. It's been fun to have some color back there.

Our first handful of artichokes of the year.

There are 4 artichokes here. Can you see them all?

Abby loved eating carrots out of the garden! She always ate them Bugs Bunny style too.

First Swim of the Year

Abby was just a little bit excited to go swimming again! April ...and it's already hot enough to swim.

I've finally stopped trying to get the kids to not drink pool/tub water. :) lol

This tells you something...Joey would prefer to help his daddy than go swimming! He LOVES working by Dave's side. And I love watching it!

Doesn't every boy make a sword out of just about anything they can?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Baskets

Here's a little clip of Abby hunting for her Easter basket!

And it is found! :)

This video is kinda long...you can skip toward the end if you want. She says some really cute stuff that I couldn't cut out. This blog is also a family history/journal, so that's why I'm keeping it all chronological and including videos of things like this, so no pressure to watch them or anything.

I couldn't really get one of Joey sitting still that morning...but let's just say he had a blast with his basket and kept stealing Abbies too! lol

I like to do a basket for Dave. He's mostly kid inside there you know! Plus he shares his candy with me!