Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun

She likes pumpkin gutts as much as her daddy.  :D

This is short and cute!

Abby chose, Dave carved.  I....made dinner.  :)  

Working on a fun craft that grandma sent.  

Here's the official halloween picture...we were 50's people.  I was searching for a costume idea that Abby would wear.  She is super picky these days.  A skirt that spins....she bought it!  And mega easy for my men!  This may be the last year we can get away with a family theme.  We'll see.

I usually do a big halloween dinner (to carry on my mom's tradition).  But this year I did halloween breakfast instead.  It was a hit!  

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Work Party at the Studio

Dave's work party was at Old Tucson this year and we actually were able to go!  It was a fun place...kinda like a glorified Pioneer Village. 
They had horses you could ride ($$).  The kids would have watched the horses for hours. 

But they could have ridden the train around the park over and over as well. (No that is not another child on Dave's lap with a white dress on.)

Halloween Partyen'

Dave and 50's boys.  

My poodle skirt girl. 

Aren't they adorable?

Jen & her Auntie Medusa. :)

My dad "the boy".

The mummy wrap game.


My brother, Sam, the gangsta.  

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pickin' Punkin's

We honestly tried to go to a pumpkin patch two times this rained out both times.  :(  This place is the next best thing!  They deck their pumpkin stand up big time!  Abby & Joey loved picking out their own white pumpkins to paint.

Abby hugging our freshly chosen pumpkin.

Joey kissing the pumpkin of choice.  :)

They even have a little area with farm animals.  Not quite sure why yet...??  But the kids enjoy it.  

I love the chili decor in the background...30 bucks for one of those!  I think they are awesome!  Someday when we're rich i'll hang one on my porch. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Girls Night

This was quite the girls night....we made masks!!  It was a riot!  

We ate candy until our teeth rotted! :B

Here's Abby modeling several masks for us. Hilarious!

The whole crew!  (We missed you Pheob & Sade!)

Getting Beaded

Dave finished his tickets to beadhood!  Woohoo!  He worked super hard to finish the goals (tickets) he set up at Wood Badge last year and this was the day they were finally able to present him with his beads.  I am very proud of him!  

Doesn't he look gorgeous in his uniform.  I think he's hot!  

The kids were very proud of him as well!  Quite the chore to finish tickets...TRIPLE the chore when you've got two kiddos wanting your time as well!  Nice job sweetie!  We love you!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shark Boy

Joey discovered this shark towel we got when Abby was born.  He insists on running around the house saying, "RWAAWR" for several minutes after every bath!  (Kind of like a tiger...but a shark.)  
It's adorable.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kitt Peak

We tried to go to Bucklew Farms this day to pick out pumpkins, but they were closed because of mud.  So, we decided to go the last 1/2 of the way up to Kitt Peak Observatories & check it out.  It was a pretty cool little world of it's own up there on the top of the mountain. It was a beautiful day!

Some amazing views!
  (Note:  Dave dressed Joey that Cute huh?   When I asked, Dave said something like, "But there's blue in both the shirt and shorts!?"  heehee.  I love my Man!)

The sun hallway.

I believe that is the solar telescope behind them.  We'll have to go up again and take a tour next time.  It was a fun day!