Monday, July 30, 2012

Abby Starts Kindergarten

Our adorable Abby on her way to her first day of Kindergarten!

To say the least, Abby was THRILLED to start Kindergarten!  She had the most awesome teacher, Mrs. Mormann.  She was LDS, and was simply a fantastic teacher.  Abby loved her and thrived in her class.  She only did 1/2 day all year which was good for me.  She had no problems saying goodbye.  She is very independent and very social!  But I think she was very glad that I went with her on day 1 and took fun pictures!

She attended American Leadership Academy (ALA) the school that Dave teaches for but he teaches for the Jr & High School across the parking lot. She had a wonderful year!

Monday, July 23, 2012

On the Road Again

After we got back to SLC from our nights at the cabin, we spent some time at Mom's house. Hanging out with all the babies. It was fun to just be together.  And the babie cousins are hilarious and adorable!
Mmmmm, eating Sam's arm like a corn on the cob!

Check out those Ellie cheeks!  Chuba-luba-love!

Our 2012 cousins together for the first time: Ellie (born in March), Kingston (born in April) and Des (born in February).


"Eat this!"

Sometimes Ellie thinks she can fly!

Holding hands? 

Watch the progression of Des and Ellie next to each other...climbing on Ellie....

A good cheese grin!

Awww, looking at each other as bestie friends would.  :0)


The cutest little Kingston!

Goin home!

Ellie is stylin' with her shades! The drive home was much better than the way up.  I guess she got used to the drive.  We did made up mad libs and listened to good music and talked up a storm.  Sam and Sadie both drove home with us which was super fun!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hanging out in the Cabin

This was the lookout view from the stairs up to the 2nd floor...the Hangout area.
Isn't that a cool light fixture? 

Beautiful Pheob and cute baby Kingston!

Just chillen'!

Our chunky little Ellie-bellie! :0)

Little Des jumping like a tigger!

Joanna & Sammy!  It was super fun to get to know these two!  They are awesome!

My Mom the Graduate!

So one of the main reasons for the cabin and everyone coming together was...My awesome Mom graduated from University of Utah!  It has been years and years of hard work...working full time and going to school part time.  That is a hard schedule to live...especially for so many years.  But she did it!!!  Such a HUGE accomplishment!  I'm so proud of her!  

Since none of us could make it to her actual graduation (I don't think she even walked), we did our own re-enactment of her walking and getting her degree (her mom presented it to her!)  It was so fun!

My sister Heather and Mom.

Brother Sam and Mom

ALL my Mom's children together to celebrate graduation (and Mom turning 50!)!  It was so much fun to be all together! (Jenny, Sadie, Sam, Mom, Amber, Pheobe & Heather) I love them all so much!

Aunt Chris and her DIL Joanna and her little man, Sammy.  It was so fun to have our fam from Colorado there!

Sade & Mom

Aunt Julie & Mom

Mom & her bestie Cindy

Mom opening her many gifts!

The Colorado folk gave mom her very own ipad!  Lucky!

Mom and her 2 older and only sisters.  These 3 are hilarious together!

Mom and her mom!  Love these guys so much!  And i'm so happy for and proud of my Mom!

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Super Cool Cabin

Here she is!  We arrived!  It was so beautiful there!  

Nice patio above the garage.

Me, Jenny & Sadie (2 of my sisters).

So this is the hill we had to try and drive up to get the cabin (that you can see below). It had rained a ton, and it was really hard to get up.  It took us 3 or 4 tries and was kinda scary!

 Here it is from a couple different perspectives.  We loved it up there!  So green and beautiful!

On a little walk.

 Jen, Sade with Desmond.

 Here's part of the wrap around amazing porch!  So fun!
 A couple of the bedroom beds.  

 Here's Jen & Grams in the dining area of the main room.  Cool chandelier huh?
Sadie in the main living can see the stairs that lead up and down.  There was a hot tub and pool table downstairs and a bunch of rooms upstairs.

 The main room where we all hung out...looking out on our patio.  So awesome!  
The kitchen.  This place really was super cute mountainy and totally awesome!  We all had so much fun!