Saturday, December 29, 2012

Big Omer Breakfast Reunion

While we were in Utah we got to go to our Big Omer Reunion.  They did a breakfast potluck at a church.  It was fun to see everyone and hang out as a family.

Amy, Jack, Gideon, Charlotte & Mom Omer.

Allison just hanging around. 

Allison, Grandma & Jacob.

Tom & Gideon.

Katie & Grandpa Omer

Cute little Gideon. 

Talbot Christmas Party 2012

This is at the Talbot Christmas Party!  We did it at Mom & Dad Omer's house this year and we were all in town because of the Omer Family Reunion.  I'm still trying to remember why we have each person with each dessert here.  I think Amy made the one in front of her.  Charlotte's bib matches the Christmas cake penguins.  And I think Aunt Gina made the other cake?  :0)  

Silly Jacob! :)  (Dan, Charlotte, Roz and Gina in the background.) 

It was so fun to be all together.  This is everyone!  Even Gina & Rex, Tammy & Jay (Mom's 2 sisters and their spouses were there.) So glad we were able to be up there this year!

Friday, December 28, 2012

1st Omer Talent Show

So, we tried it out.  Our first Omer Talent Show. Man, we have a lot of talent!  I have a bunch of videos of everyone, but until I get time to edit them down a little, I won't post them yet.  It was super fun!
Jacob and bunch of Omer grandchildren played the piano.  They all did such a fantastic job!

We had a few skits here and there.

Matt sang a gorgeous song for us!

Heather saved the day and played the piano to accompany Dave on his Clarinet.  He had been SO busy with his first semester of teaching and being in school on top of that, that he didn't have much time to even think about his talent. But they both did a fantastic job! Thank you Heather!

Jenny...just look at her!  She is the definition of talent! :)  Really- she made our matching family t-shirt design and she face painted all the grandkids faces!! Abby chose flowers below. Huge talent!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Bells are Ringing

Christmas morning!  Gotta be the best morning of the year right? Ellie was super excited, it being her first one ever!  She thought the presents tasted delicious! :)

And that popcorn decoration was SOOO tempting!  

Abby digging in!

Dave got some fun gifts too...from his awesome wifey! :)

Ding!  Isn't she adorable?!

But when it comes to opening's serious business!  

Abby loves to help me in the garden.  So she got some fun seeds packets and gardening tools!

The Joe-ster!

Dave got me an awesome game that has been on my wishlist for years!  Super excited!

GOT IT!!  She had her some breakfast! 


Abby got her scooter this year!!  

My brother Sam stayed the night with us Christmas Eve.  So we got to have him with us Christmas morning! It was such a treat!

I was trying to get a good shot of Ellie for her Christmas ornament...that's why I have a million shots of her.  Helps that she's simply adorable eh?

Here's the doll I got for Christmas! ;)

Ta-da!  The End! 

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve and Talent Show Galore

Christmas Eve is a favorite holiday celebration for me.  I love the excitement of Christmas Day coming and the talent show tradition.  And... The Feast! Man my dad can cook!  Yu-uhm!

Then right on to the Talent show fun!  Abby whistled a song for us. :)

Jen & Heather did a cup game demo.  Super fun!

Joey showed his sword fight skills with Dave.

Dave played the trombone for us  (he just recently picked up.)  Then Abby tried to play.  :)

I juggled like an amateur.  Then Nik juggled like a complete PRO!!  :)

Then the aunts gave Abby and Joey presents!  They were tickled happy to get to open something early!  :)  Thanks you guys!  

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Abbies first FUN Run!

For a school fund raiser, every year they do a "Fun Run".  The kids get people to pledge them per lap that they will run on the big day with a max amount they can run. So Abby got a few of her grandparents and aunts to pledge and she was pumped!  It was a fun day! 
This is her class ready to start!

They had a cool tunnel for them to run through too!

Joey and Ellie & I watched from the side lines.  And I think Joey ran a few too! :)

The principal came out and ran a few laps and she ran with Abby actually! 

It was super neat for Abby to run with Mrs. Poirier.  She felt very special!

She tuckered out eventually, but she did a FANTASTIC JOB!!!  I was such a proud little mommy!  :)

Waaahooo!!  All done and well done!!! We are so grateful to everyone that pledged her.  It meant a lot to her. 

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Baking Day

We did a fun baking day this year.  It was so fun!  We all brought ingredients to make 1 or 2 Christmas treats to our house.  Then we each got to take some of everything home.  It was BRILLIANT!  Our house smelled AmaZinG!!

We made chocolate Christmas suckers and bites too.  And painted some even to be all detailed!  

Here's Abby & Joey diving into one of the suckers they made! MMmmmm!