Saturday, August 18, 2012

Family Photo Shoot

My sister set up to have some family pictures taken, and we jumped on and decided to have some family pics taken.  I think they turned out fabulous!  Our kids are so CUTE sometimes I can barely stand it! :)

Joseph David
Elizabeth Claire

This is most of us Arizonan Larsen folk...Heather and Bobby (boyfriend at the time), Jen & her little Des, Dad and Grandma Larsen, Dave, me, Ellie, Joey & Abby and then Sade was in town too! Yay!

Abigail JoLinda 

More of our little Joey. 

Oh my cuteness in a basket!

Sisters (minus Pheob). 

Cutest kiddos in the world!  I love them so much!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Harry Potter Marathon!!!

Jen and Nik painting their slytherin snakes! Every once in a while we just have to do a Potter marathon or we might burst! This one was super fun! I think it might have been our first too!  Hopefully we can do one again!

 Basalisk calzones! Mmmmmm!

John Long, Sadie & Heath making their Basalisk calzones.  

Watching and watching and watching!  We even colored Harry Potter coloring pages while we watched. :)

Dave calming little Des.  

Chocolate frogs...Yes!!