Sunday, May 31, 2009

Joey at 4 Months

"Yes, Joey?"


He's just SO cute! I had to post all 4! :) I hope you don't mind.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dave's 1st Trip to the Zoo

We went before the zoo oficially opened & they let members in while the zoo keepers are feeding and still taking care of the animals so you can watch! It was pretty cool. This little guy is rarely seen--he's always hiding in the bushes, so it was very fun to see him even if his poor little knees were wobbling with nervousness!
My favorite little animal!
Isn't it gorgeous?

Dave gets some great shots with our new camera.

All the times we've been to the tucsson zoo, the sun bears have always been gone. This time they were there! I think they scared Abby a little.
Dave's inspiration (for his comic--- you should check it out every M-W-Friday if you don't already! It's a riot!)
Abby & the Hedgehog!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Riggs Lake Campout

We upgraded to a bigger tent this camping trip...yeah! It was nice to not have to cram 2 adults and 2 kids in a 2 man tent! And being able to stand up was awesome!

Jen, Marsha & Abby at the fire. That fire saved us in that cold! And Marsha helped me so much with the kids...she is wonderful! Thank you!
Patty-cake, patty-cake.... I've neve seen a kid get so excited to do patticakes!
...Throw it in the oven!
The cutest rosy cheeks ever! :)
My brother, Sam, chillen'. of our favorite parts of camping.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

AZ Family Camping Trip

Camping was AWESOME! We camped up at at the top of Mount Graham by this amazing lake! It was extremely cold up there, but refreshing for a change.

Ok, so it was amazing, but freeeezing cold--note the thick coat & gloves.

Yes, this is where Abby fell in the lake...and two days later her pants and jacket were still soaking wet! Awesome.

This picture makes me think of Mill Hollow or Parent Trap.
It was fun to camp by a lake!

Abby LOVED being able to play with cousins night and day! They were on a "boat" in this picture.
The lake was breathtaking even if you couldn't feel your toes. :)

One of those "awwwwh" moments.
Abby swinging me & Joey!
I love hammocks...and my kids! :) lol

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

4 Incredible Years!

Dave and I have been married for 4 years today!
Happy Anniversary Sweetie!

Thank you sweetheart, for always making me laugh. You are my bestfriend, and there's no one I'd rather spend every day with!

And for making me feel like a trillion dollars every moment I'm with you!

You are the most important person to me in the world and I am so happily in love and excited for the rest of eternity!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Great Gram Larsen

We always try & arrange a stop at Grandma Larsen's home in St George when we drive to SLC. She had not met Joey yet, so this last visit was exciting for her. Her & Joey got along great!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Grandpa Talbot's Cannon Shoot

This is one of the cannons that Grandpa Talbot MADE! It is amazing to see all he has made and hear him talk about all he knows! I love it! He did a demonstration & presentation for a group while we were up in Utah and it was awesome to watch! Dave will have to get on here and write some of the details about all his cannons that I can't remember.

Aunt Tammy was a huge help with the kids! (HUGE THANKS!) Dave was taking pictures/filming and I could only cover the ears of one kid when the loud "BOOMS" of the cannons shot out. Abby has called Grandpa Talbot, Grandpa BOOM ever since this day! I'm sure he doesn't mind! :)

Dave trying out the bugle! I love Dad's look on his's almost a smirk like "go ahead and try"! Hehe!

Mom and Dad Omer dressed in pioneer clothes and helped Grandpa out with a lot of the demo. I really like this picture!

This one makes me giggle a little- it looks like Mom is about to do a dance for everyone or something! lol

I love this picture of Grandpa Talbot! He's smiling! :D

Jay & Grandpa getting ready for another "Boom"!

Uncle Jay with one of the "big bullets" (as a girl would say) that Gramps made.

The target on the mountain side--it's kinda hard to see, but it was an orange circle up there.

There was a little stream that was nearby. Abby was kind of afraid of it!?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Old Mc Wheeler Had a Farm


Abby meets Turkey. The gobbling was actually kinda scary!

Dave's brother Dan...he's the one in the orange! :)

Dan, Roz and their son Adam met us at the Wheeler Farm one afternoon. It was SO much fun hanging out with them. And the kids loved the animals! (totally free if you're up in the SLC area and have never been)

Spring is the best time to go...lots of babies! Granted, geese aren't that nice, so watch out!

This and the next picture just turned out awesome, so I had to post them. This porker was huge!
This one had the coolest hat or hair i've ever seen!
I think Abby feels like she is part duck. She does have a good quack going on.
Petting the baby Is that right?
Ok...swine flu galore! Watch out! This pig sneezed BIG time! It made Dan jump 10 ft! It was awesome!
This sheep wanted out! It would not be quiet, and I swear got to a spot where it could've jumped out of it's pen! up!
Thank goodness she can't drive until she's 16, and she doesn't live on a farm! lol