Sunday, April 27, 2008

Grand Kiddos Galore!

Here are all the grandbabies from Amber's side of the family. We've got our Abigail, then there is Madalyn holding Britta and finally River. Aren't they so CUTE?

If you say "Yay!" Abigail will clap for you! :D

Saturday, April 26, 2008

And She Walks!

This one's for YOU! (says Abby)
I've been promising this video to some of you for quite a while now, so here you go. Abigail has been walking since right before her first around Valentines Day. She LOVES it! She won't even hold my finger and walk beside me anymore. She wants to walk at her own speed and more importantly, wherever SHE wants! She is very independant and is growing fast!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Our Garden!

We finished building our first raised garden bed on March 28th and so we planted March 29th! Yeah! It was at the tail end of the season, but I think we made it ok.

This is me after I had just planted my first tomatoe plant! I can already taste my own home grown tomatoe! Yu-uhm!

Abby helped her dad plant the strawberry plants too! (Can you see the 4 little plants right behind her?)

Every time we go outside she goes immediately to the dirt or rocks and sits down in it. She grabs handfulls of dirt and rubs them in her hair or eats it...I guess this is kind of a rite to 1 year old hood or something eh?

Ok, now for some before and after shots!

This one was taken on March 29th.....

...And this was taken on April 23rd. So a little over 3 weeks in growth. Isn't it awesome? I love gardening! It is so much fun to take care of them and talk to the plants! ;) It is very rewarding to watch them grow and get bigger every day! My crookneck squash has little squashies on it with huge beautiful yellow blooms! The artichoke plants are growing tall and the leaves are getting big! We've got little tomatoes all over the place and even some strawberries starting to take form! I love it!

Only at the County Fair!

Dave and our friend Paul challenged each other to the bucking bull ride! What a hoot! I think Dave stayed on longer, but they started Paul on a higher level. So we just called it even!

Abby downed about 1/2 of that pear in under a minute! It was a juicy one and she loved it!

Abby was afraid of the animals at the petting zoo...ok, so was I! :)

She really did have fun, I promise!

Those are our friends Kellie & Ion on the elephant!

We went on one ride at the fair...the train. Abigail only cried because she saw us leaving her Daddy every time we passed him on the side lines (it was a mini oval track! :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cutie Pie!

Two classic shots that I had to post...Abigail falling asleep in her highchair! She would start tipping over, her head would bob and she would get so frustrated and whimper. Let's just say she slept well that night! :)
I found Abby in her room this day-- she had climbed into her little box of toys and was pushing the button on the top of this toy that plays classical music and was swaying with the music! It was a darling moment!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In the Warm Spaceship!

Abby helps me with laundry all the time. She helps me put wet laundry into the dryer and take warm, dry laundry out and into a basket! She loves it! This time, she was trying to climb in, so I helped her a little. She loved it for a while, then I think she felt a little trapped and wanted out (as you'll see in the short video I put below-sorry it's not the best quality).

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Abigail's First Time Feeding Herself w/a Spoon!

Abigail LOVES being able to feed herself! She gets impatient after a while and just grabs a handful with her other hand, but she never gets mad or frustrated (yet). Here's a cute little video of her first time with a spoon in's a little slow, but cute if you want to watch!

Doesn't she look like she has a mustache and a small goatee?

Eating with the wrong side of the spoon is not quite as productive, but she has to try it! :)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Dave's Work Pic-nic!

Cute at the park!

This is Laya, Abbies friend. They were practicing their new sharing skills! :)
Abigail LOVES dogs! And apparently dogs love Abby too! ;) We'll let her look forward to seeing and playing with other peoples dogs...we'll never own one--i'm allergic.
Abigail was a little too young for the jumping castle, but not with Daddies help! She loved bouncing high!
Dave entered his first pie eating contest at the pic-nic...strawberry ruhbarb all the way! :)

His old roommate, Mike, took a job down here a few months back and he joined in the pie eating contest too! :) I personally enjoyed the leftover pie!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Easter in April

Easter just belongs in April! : ) We had so much going on in March, I just couldn't get my act together to have easter baskets ready by Easter Sunday this year. So...I think it was April 1st that Dave came home from work, and I told him to go and find his Easter basket! :) And Abby too! Here she has just spied something that looks bright and fun! :)

Daddy and Abby scoring big chocolate! I let Abby carry her twix around...and then she figured out how to open it!! Now, I swear she can recognize chocolate from the other side of the house!

Bug eyes have never looked so cute!

Bug eyes have never looked so scary! ;)

Is there chocolate in here too??

Dave's basket-o-fun!