Monday, March 30, 2009

Abby goes to the Zoo!

Her double piggy tail rocks! :)

Many of the kids her age at our church are boys. She's a tomboy in pink!

We went for a little birthday party for Abbies friend Kyle.

There was actually a tortoise moving that day, hurray! It's hard to teach kids that tortoises & turtles move slow when they can't really see them moving at all to be able to tell that it's a living thing! :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Checking out the planes!

La-dee-da! :D

We went hiking up near Sabino Canyon with Dave's brother, Tom, and his family. It was a perfect day (even with a little rain that passed through)! We had a wonderful time!
And here they are: Allison, Amy, Tom, Gideon & Jacob. We loved having you guys in town! Wish we all lived closer, but it sure makes the times we are together very special and treasured! Thanks for coming!
Abby is pointing at herself in the lcd screen on our camera! :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Joey's Blessing Day

Joey's blessing was wonderful and sweet. This little guy has great things to accomplish in his life. We love him so much and are very grateful to have him in our family.

We absolutely loved having Mom and Dad Omer in town for the blessing! (I think you can see Grandpa Omer in Joey's face here.)

It was also a joy having Grandpa Talbot down for the blessing!

The little guy was all tuckered out!

I rarely post pictures of myself...Dave made me post this one. :) Sam was lots of help in the kitchen-thanks bro!

We were almost in sync. What happened Sam?

The Omer-Omer Fam. (It was a riot having Dave's Uncle Mark in town for a month! He's the one in the dark green shirt.)

The Larsen side Fam.

We love you all and appreciate all the support and love you always offer us! Thank you for sacrificing to come down and celebrate Joey with us! It means a lot to us.