Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Abigail's True BirthDATE BirthDAY!

After Abbie was born last year, Dave ran to IHOP next to the birth center, and grabbed us some food. It just happened to be National Pancake Day that day-Free pancakes! We thought it was the same day every year (a fun way to celebrate Abbies pancakes and all) however, it's a different day every year. Bumma! We have still decided to make it a tradition!

Abbies first time coloring!

We ordered Abby a fun face pancake. That pancake was face-less so fast! :)

GULP! Those strawberry eyes of his were delish!

I was trying to feed Abby a Gogert thingy from the front seat...enough said! :D She didn't mind at all, she sucked that yogert down in a jif!

***** 1 ******

***** 2 ***** (Notice the hand print on the side of her head!)

***** GONE! ***** She cleared that tray pretty quick!

Abigail enjoyed the wrapping paper more than the presents at first!

What a great birthday grin!

A friend of ours gave us some toys that they were getting rid of and we scored a little piano for Abbie! I just sterilized it, polished it up, and Wa-la- She loves it!

Our master pianist at work! :D

Saturday, February 16, 2008

February Partying!

We had a huge "Double Birthday Party/Game Day" for Abby & Dave's birthdays in February. It was a riot! Dave requested an old family recipe called Ruby Dessert for their "cake", and being a dessert covered in berries- I knew Abby would love it too. And boy did she! Look at her go! :)

Can you just hear her thoughts with this facial?

Birthday Boy!

She was covered- and what a look of pure glee! I sure love my two birthday babes!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

First Fruits!

We want to announce the arrival of our very first ORANGES!!! Yeah! We picked, sliced and ate our own, home grown orange off our tree that we planted in the back yard last spring! It tasted very sweet! We also picked some lemons that day off our other tree and made home made lemonade. Yum! And it will taste even yummier during the HOT summer here. It feels great to be harvesting fruit from our own land!

Dave was teaching/showing Abby how to eat an orange from the peel...then she tried. She did pretty good. She's not much of a citris fan yet, but she ate this one because it was so sweet!