Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Visiting on Vacation

Joey had a blast at Great Grandma Sorensen's house!
She has fun toys!
Abby given her Grandma Kathy hugs!


It snowed quite a bunch while we were up in Utah over the holidays. I loved it! Abby had a blast sledding down Grandma & Grandpa Omer's front yard too!
We caught snowflakes on our tongues...

and licked our gloves! Life was good. Well, until the snow soaked through our pants and we thought we were freezing to death! What can you expect, we're Arizonans...and proud of it! :D

Snow pirate?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How many cousins in a tub?

Group baths....good times! :)

Grandma Omer made the grandkids these amazing towels for Christmas this year with their names embroidered on the hoods even! Aren't they beautiful?

Monday, December 28, 2009

Omer Time

Times at the Omer's home are never slow or dull! It was wonderful getting to be with family through the holiday times! This is Dave's Mom and Dad for those who do not know.

I love it that our kids are getting old enough to remember relatives that live far away. Especially Abby talking about them long after we have seen any of them. :)

The famous Utah Aunts! We love you all!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Larsen Family Party'en

Abby ripping it up! This year, she had NO problem figuring out what to do with presents.

Joey practically rolling around in his gifts! His aunts & grandparents spoiled him & Abby rotten!

Pheobe had me this year for her secret sibling...and it was funny, because I was WITH her when she bought this pizza stone! I secretly hoped she had me...and was delighted when I found out she DID!

Where's the mistletoe?

Aunt Chris' aprons! We loved them! She is so talented! Thank you Aunt Chris!

They love their Grandpa!

Talent time--haha, ya right! I try anyway. I'm going to also try and get some video clips of everyone elses' talents on here soon. It was a great talent show this year.

Pheobe is awesome on the guitar!

Guess whose legs? Britta? :)

We ate yummy food, and many of us left with some too!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa's First Visit to the Omer Home

Santa was SO excited to give his awesome Craigslist find to Abby on Christmas morning! He could hardly wait!
She likes it! Woohoo!

She was so excited she was even willing to eat a hamburger and a hotdog for breakfast!

She made us eggs and muffins too! Yum!

Our Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas!!

I emphasize "our" Christmas morning because we had Christmas morning on Dec 24th this year. We were leaving to go to Queen Creek and then on to SLC, UT, on Christmas Day (the 25th), around noon...for over a week long the idea came and floated around until we decided it would be a much more enjoyable Christmas morning to do ours a day early. And OHHH were we SOOO glad we did. It was wonderful! The kids knew no differently...they would've celebrated Christmas morning in August if we said so! lol
It was a nice relaxed day and home with the kids and we loved it!

I learned that this is how a 2 year old opens her stocking....Dump!
Joey pulling the absolutely adorable all morning!
This is what a shoe is for, right? Eating. We only got Joey a couple present, so I wrapped his shoes separately! :)

Tape is sticky!

Daddy got Abby a princess jacket! Yay!

Surprises for ME

Here you can see two of the fun surprises Dave gave to me for Christmas:
1- An awesome double stroller/bike trailer!
2- Our very own Talbot Toss game set that he made!

I loved all of my presents--thank you sweetie for all the thought that went into finding fun gifts that you knew I would love!

One of the main reasons Dave got me this bike trailer is so that he can take the kids out and I can have some time home alone! Very thoughtful! And the kids LOVE it!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

GingerBread House Fun

Some good friends of ours invited us over to decorate Christmas houses. Abby was in HEAVEN! An entire TABLE full of candy? Did I die and go to heaven? :D
We had a great time... building our house...and eating it!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Tree Decorating Galore

I love Christmas Tree season! The house always smells wonderfully festive and the lights bring such a warm feeling to the entire house. It just begins the many memories for the season...good ones!
Abby LOVED helping this year. And really both kids did great at leaving the ornaments alone. Well, except for the candy canes. They slowly disappeared as the days went by. (LOL) But that's how it should be right?
We have an old string of lights that we didn't need or use this year. So we just left them by an outlet and plugged them in whenever the kids were tempted to pull other lights off the tree. They had a blast playing with them in their laps!
Of course it was IMPOSSIBLE to get a picture of Joey with lights while holding STILL! So, sorry, you get blurry one again! Just know there was pure joy on his face every time he got to touch them!
Decorating was quite challenging because they just wanted to help-help-help! :D

This was hanging ornaments "Abby style"!