Thursday, September 29, 2011

Wildlife Museum Preschool Field Trip

For one of our field trips we went to a wildlife museum.  It was pretty cool!

This room was quite scary to Joey.  A little scary to me even! So he sat on the couch just like this for most of the time we were in this room. 

The whole preschool crew: Noah, Kinsey, Ada, Hunter, Abby & Kyle.

They had a fun tunnel for the kids to play in.

They luckily had a nice little dining area and a library area at the end of the museum. So we had a picnic lunch and let the kids play a little.  It was a really nice museum.  Perfect length with MUCH to see. I would recommend it to any family or preschool group!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Abbies Ballet Performance

Abby was so very excited to be a ballerina!  

I must admit, she made quite a cute one too!

She did a wonderful job!  And i'm not just being the typical mom...she really did fabulous especially on her first dance!  Here's the video we took of it.  It isn't the best...sorry for the moments it went blurry.  We tried.  :)  You can get a good idea from just watching the first bit.  She just did so great!   

The 2nd song (see costume below) it was near the end...the kids were super hyper and had some very rowdy kids by that time.  So they whole group did horrible...but they still looked cute.  :)

Her teacher gave them "awards" at the end.  Very important! :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Color Comes to our Master Room

After being in our house for almost 5 years, we finally got to the painting of the master bedroom! :)

Abby even got to help!

I really like this picture...with the "love story" quote & the valentine Dave painted me near the ceiling and then you can see him in the mirror on the bed frame working away.  I sure love my man!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Silly Kids

Our very own Pippy-Long Stocking. :)

And our own personal Spider Boy!

Ready to go play in the rain!